Scheduled Rides

Non-members are welcome to ride with us; however, for insurance reasons, you must sign a waiver. It would be very helpful if you would print the waiver on page 2 and give it to the ride leader just befor the ride. Thank you.


GVC welcomes riders of all abilities to participate in Club Rides. The following descriptions have been established as a way to help riders choose a ride that will meet their own personal goals and objectives. Distance, pace, challenge, regroup points, and sweeper are the criteria used by the ride leaders in planning rides. Our NUBS division also offers ultra distance 100+ rides on occasion. For specific details see the Ride Calendar. Click here for the NUBS page. Click here for the Ride Calendar.

(A) 40-60 miles, 18-25 mph, moderate to difficult climbs, regroup at top of major climbs, no sweeper or rest stops.
(B) 30-50 miles, 14-16 mph, flat and/or moderate climbs, regroup mid way, sweeper waits for slower riders, assist with minor mechanical problems, this is the average weekend club ride.
(C) 10-15 miles, 10-12 mph - stops as needed, group waits for slower riders and assist those having minor mechanical problems. Leader gives instructions to beginners on group etiquette and safety before leaving parking lot.

Note: +/- next to the letter indicates the ride is similar in nature with some variation, such as same route and distance, but a slightly slower pace.

Angel Rosas leads mountain bike rides during the week, depending on the weather. Check his postings or email Angel for more information.

Ride schedules do change, so the best way to stay informed is to join our email list. This way, you will receive current and up-to-date information right in your inbox.

We also have an online calendar of club rides and other cycling related events.

Of course, helmets are mandatory on all rides!